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Why 'Frandity' ?

I founded Frandity with the desire to have my own business as a former marketing specialist who has worked in different sectors, against the 9-5 working model. Inspired by the words friend, brand and idendity, I aimed to adopt the motto of Marketing Friendly in order to be a solution to the problems faced by both marketing gurus and brand representatives in the marketing world.

Our team consists of local and global freelancers and remote workers. A team that has already adapted to the 'New World' order. Frandity supports marketing gurus to work from anywhere, at any time to gain free, creative, innovative and young identity. Because we know the best and most creative works arise from freedom. That's why we call it 'Marketing Friendly'.


We provide on-demand marketing services to B2B, B2C companies and Startups from different sectors. Brands could position us Cloud Marketing Team. We listen to the needs of them and make them transform accordingly, become friendly with their customers. Our goal is to enable our customers who prefer us to benefit from all our marketing services in the light of our motto and to gain a 'Loved Brand' identity by adapting them to the new world order.


Fulya Sarıoğlu
Founder & CEO

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Our Core Values

Friend  for us;  team, clients, clients of clients


Brand for us; agile, trendy, curious, analytic, responsive, flexible, innovative, creative, organized, passionate, dedicated, professional, reliable, credible, sensitive, humanist, eco-friendly, user-friendly, pet-lover and sustainable


Identity for us; how to communicate, behave, act, achieve, connect and engage

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