Görüntülü Görüşme Yoluyla İletişim Kuran Aileler


Big buzz. Experiential engagement. Motivational marketing.

Let's 'WoW' Your Network.

Making your brand visible, heard and dynamic can be achieved through being present in such events as premieres, conventions, and organizations.


As Frandity, we will be taking on the mission of creating your best representation through the design of the event, set and narrative in such organizations since our target is to create a memorable and impressive experience not only for your clientele or stakeholders but also for the attendees and prospects.

Our priority is to help you achieve a buzz and a positive ROI through pre and post event tools like teasers and follow-ups.

Choose one or more services you need below and get on-demand solutions that are low cost, fast and transparent, rather than recruiting staff or using a traditional marketing approach.


  • Webinars

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Association Conferences

  • Business Conventions

  • Sales & Incentive Meetings

  • Trade Shows & Exhibits

  • Event Marketing & Promotion

  • Event Production

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