5 Reasons Your Business Need a Fractional CMO

At some point in your company, it might make sense to add a marketing person to your senior team. good leadership. Things like buy-ins, sell-outs, and driven marketing leadership you don't get from junior or mid-level team members, freelancers, or agencies.

You need a Chief Marketing Officer!

But maybe you're not ready to add new C-level roles to your team, or you just don't have the financial time to hire high-paying executives. Fractional CMO is a great solution to get the marketing leadership you need at low cost, commitment and risk.

Fractional CMO is typically hired to build or lead a company's marketing function on a part-time or short-term advisory basis.

This percentage means you get a Senior Marketing Manager who is fully committed to your team, but who doesn't bear the full executive-level costs.At Part CMO, if needed, he can You can work 10, 15, 20 hours or more. Another company or two then uses the remainder of the CMO's work week. Engagements typically last six months or longer, so you have a high level of commitment to each other. Also, it takes time for marketing strategies and initiatives to take shape. Six months is the minimum period you can expect to see results.

The CMO portion means getting deep marketing skills, executive-level partnerships, and experienced executives who know how to get things done.The CMO brings professional direction to your go-to-market strategy. , implement best practices and create key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive business decisions around revenue and growth. The concept of partial leadership is not new. Small businesses have been using some team his members of the C suite for decades. Some of his CFOs and CIOs are common. The concept has now been extended to marketing functions.

5 Reasons Your Business Need a FCMO

You may not have heard of fractional CMO. So how do you know you need it?

Here are some indications that using a fractional CMO might be right for you:

1) Your company isn't ready to hire a full-time marketing manager

Perhaps you're a start-up or small business in need of marketing leadership, but don't have enough jobs or budget to justify full-time employment. A fractional CMO provides an affordable entry point for early stage companies.

2) Your company has been around for a long time, but no one is leading the marketing

Your business brand and success may have been built long before the days of complex marketing channels and automation. But as these companies prepare for the future, they need a marketing transformation to acquire the latest strategies, tools, and tactics. Fractional CMOs can lead late-stage companies through marketing transformation.

3) Sales teams create their own marketing materials

Your sales team can be great. But when they create their own presentations and sell sheets and PDFs, their marketing, branding and messaging can be weak and fragmented. A fractional CMO can create a unified message that creates a great customer experience and strengthens your brand.

4) Lack of marketing insight to help executives make decisions