6 Landing Page Design Tips That Will Rock Your Conversion Rates

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The fun of creating landing pages is that it gives us the ability to experiment with design, copy, offers, etc. in order to capture the attention of our target customers. Ultimately, converting them into leads.

There is a tendency by a lot of marketers to only focus on the offer and not give design and UX the consideration it deserves.  With the incredible amount ads leading to landing pages that we all are bombarded with in our social feeds, it's more important than ever to stand out from all the other landing pages trying to capture the attention of the same audience.

In this post you'll learn how you can create the best landing page designs and what design trends will be crushing it in 2020.


  1. Background

  2. Video

  3. Oversized Typography

  4. Minimalism

  5. Live Chats

  6. Organic Shapes

  7. Custom Illustrations


Landing page optimization is both an art and a science.  There are several key elements that make up a great landing page experience for a visitor such as:

  1. Headline (value proposition)

  2. Supporting copy

  3. Design (layout)Color

  4. Call to Action 

  5. Media (videos, images, audio, etc.)

  6. Social proof (testimonials, customer logos, etc.)

These elements need to be continually enhanced and tested over time to in order to find the best performing landing page variation.  As much as we'd all love it to be the case, it's just not possible to create the PERFECT landing page on the very first attempt.  It will take some iteration to see the awesome results you're after.

The good news is that HubSpot makes it super easy to run A/B tests to help you understand which page variation is performing best.


As consumers, we live in a time where there is a plethora of choice when it comes too considering and making a purchase decision.

During the consideration phase of the buyers-journey, the first impression of your brand happens in a split second.  17ms according to a study by Google's research team in attempts to understanding aesthetic judgements people have in regards to first impressions of websites.


Wow!!  That's fast, but not surprising. It's a pretty safe bet that we've all landed on a website and instantly thought "NOPE!" and closed the tab.

An awesome landing page design will help your brand visually communicate quality, trust and keep you a few steps ahead of your competition. At the end of the day resulting in higher conversion rates and new customers.