7 Technologies and Trends to Get Your CRM Ready For 2020

Companies are looking for ways to improve their connection with their customers by using CRM since before 2000. And now that it is 2020, they want to use the advanced technologies to give the customers a better experience on all platforms.

CRMs such as Salesforce made marketing and sales teams of companies realize that they communicate with their customers better by using the individual data of every customer. They could send these customers specific messages or other dynamic contents as part of the improved method of communication.

In this article, you will find out seven trending technologies that you can use to improve your CRM and thereby improve the future of your business. So let’s get into it as it will help you to identify the technologies you can work on.

1. AI is an Option

The dependency on AI deepens as officials have predicted that AI in the CRM sector is expected to rise drastically. It will be a good thing as incorporating AI in Customer Relationship Management efficiently resolves the customers' queries, and you can mechanize routine work that takes a lot of time to get completed by your salesperson. The marketing team will also be able to get benefit from it as it can recommend a better plan that you can implement for your campaigns.

2. Use of Vertical CRM

Vertical CRM gets tailored to suit the need of a specific industry. They provide verticalized customization in place of features that suits a definite industry. Since CRM is no longer used for specific functions that revolve around people, verticalization is indeed necessary.

3. Easy for Using

The advancement of CRM Technology means that accessing data and analyzing them will not be a problem as was previously. Connecting the CRM with other platforms will become easy as will the interaction with your customers.

4. Unifying Data

Most of the company faces a struggle to bring together the data of the customers that are usually strewn across various platforms and use them for marketing and sales purpose. To provide a perfect experience to your customers, you will have to unify the data and a single view of the different customers.

5. Social CRM

It will help you to connect with the customers on the platform that they prefer on social media. With social media CRM, you can provide feedback more effectively, advocate for your brand, and deliver other programs like customer support in a better way.

6. Take help from Budding Technologies

You must take into account technologies like VR, AR, or any other virtual assistants that can help to speak to your customers in a better way. You must determine how your marketing campaigns are doing in the digital channels like message, video conference, email, and voice; and find out how they get received on these channels. Analytics skills are what you need to evaluate the data correctly and then use intelligence to establish which channels are better for marketing.

7. CRM on Mobile

A traveling salesperson must have the opportunity to manage the process of sales from anywhere. They must get the chance of updating their leads and accessing the intuitive dashboard. This can help to get the process of customer interaction to get faster and more efficient.

If you want your company to compete ferociously and succeed in giving the customers a better experience than any other company, you must get yourself aware of the current CRM technologies as well as the future ones. Keep researching about other technologies that can prepare your CRM for the future.