MaaS Vs. Traditional Marketing Agency

Marketing-as-a-Service is mainly an extended form of marketing automation software. MaaS providers aim to assist the marketing team of a company in planning and managing asset creation activities, including landing page creation, campaign design, lead scoring, analytics and so forth.

The place of operation of MaaS is the cloud where it hosts the application and secures system integration, as well as visibility. MaaS system eliminates, to a great extent, the common challenges faced by conventional agencies, which have to work within tight schedules, and lacking technological skill sets, action plans and cost-effectiveness.

How do you evaluate the way you create marketing asset?

Break free from the conventional approach and consider a source outside your company. Such a source may be a great asset for your marketing team, by providing it with a different point of view and approach. Such a source may also offer extra time that your marketing team may not have, as well as the skill sets required for the execution of your projects.

MaaS may be the best example of “on-demand marketing” in today’s sector, where everything is served “on-demand”. The main premise of MaaS is a customized blueprint and road map for marketing campaigns. As such, MaaS is able to integrate these singular elements to create campaigns that are exclusively yours.

MaaS may be the ideal solution, especially for smaller businesses that would otherwise lack the finance, time and staff, by providing them with on demand marketing resources and benefits, assessment and elaborate skills needed for their operations’ effectiveness.

Is MaaS a full-package and ready to be used solution for the marketing needs of SMBs and start-ups?

There is no doubt that with today’s technology, most tasks are carried out smoothly, but only if the technology is used efficiently and in conjunction with other tools. To be able to draw most from technological solution, businesses should make use of it wisely, determining as to how to utilize or apply it into their marketing strategy; how to optimize its value, and how to integrate it to the entire company.

To illustrate, a marketing team will only yield the best performance if businesses adopt the ideal strategy for the team’s operation. In other words, businesses need to incorporate the best strategy and rely on the skills of their staff for the application of that strategy. The same applies to MaaS, which means that businesses should determine the core functions of their operations and the ones that could be outsourced to obtain optimal results from their strategic endeavors.

Since smaller businesses are limited in the number of marketing staff, each team member of the marketing department takes on heavy workload and a multitude of roles. As a result, in-house marketing team members are required to divide their attention between all the aspects of marketing like digital platforms, events, broadcast and print. So when does MaaS step in?

It does when the in-house marketing team of a business does not possess the time or the skills required for a specific operation. Usually, start-ups fall into this category. Nevertheless, even larger companies may need to turn to MaaS when they lack the resources or the experience to start a new campaign, to launch a new product, to step in a new market, or to adopt a novel technology or channel. Businesses do not need to be concerned about sharing their data because their contract with the MaaS provider ensures their ownership of the data. The real risk of data loss is more likely to happen when a business chooses to work simultaneously with a number of agencies competing with each other.

Innovations in technologies keep reshaping the marketing scene, which makes it hard for businesses to form a marketing team to encompass all the marketing components at a level of expertise. This situation hits small SBMs and startups even harder, as they would have to invest heavily to recruit such a marketing team. Therefore, MaaS is obviously the perfect solution to the marketing issues of these types of businesses.

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